Alien, Metal Gear, Superman – Game Awards 2018 Announcements We Expect To See

The Game Awards 2018 is coming next week, Thursday December 6th, and we know for a fact that there will be more than 10 games announced for the first time at the show. But what will these Game Awards reveals be? Do we have any clue what games will be shown at the Game Awards? We’ve got a number of ideas, based on various

Lego DC Supervillains Guide – How to unlock Bizarro Character

LEGO DC Super-Villains is a lovely LEGO offering – one of the very best, in fact. With that title comes an absolute abundance of content, and playable characters in particular, one of which is LEGO DC Supervillains Bizarro. How to unlock Bizarro in LEGO DC Supervillains – you may be asking, and you certainly wouldn&

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Unveils Farrow the Fox as Recruitable Character

Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden’s cast of characters is nothing if not unusual. Leading the post-apocalyptic adventure are Bormin the boar and Dux the duck, the latter being able to spontaneously sprout wings in order to gain a tactical advantage. It won’t be just the two of them, it seems, as publisher Funcom has rev

Insurgency: Sandstorm Gets Thoroughly Detailed In Its Gameplay Overview Trailer

Insurgency: Sandstorm launches next week but anyone can give the multiplayer FPS a shot starting Friday, December 7, when its Open Beta kicks off. Developer New World Interactive will release an update, coinciding with the start of the Open Beta, which is said to bring “the full map pool, character improvements including n

Kingdom Come Devs Apologize for "Bugged DLC"

The launch of Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s second DLC didn’t go all that smoothly. The Amorous Adventure of Bold Sir Hans Capon wasn’t exactly a stranger to bugs, and developer Warhorse Studios today apologized for the Kingdom Come DLC bugs. They also released a new hotfix today, alongside a previous October pat

ATLAS Ship of the Damned – How to Destroy a Ship of the Damned in A…

ATLAS has got a number of flaws that players may or may not choose to contend with, but one thing it’s not lacking is challenging gameplay. ATLAS Ship of the Damned is a particularly nasty challenge in this game, and using anything short of high-end gear to take one on will end in your inevitable death. Good news, however

Half Life Episodes Co-writer Erik Wolpaw Has Seemingly Returned To Valve

Erik Wolpaw, co-writer of the Half Life episodes, Portal and Portal 2 has returned to Valve after departing back in 2017. After Wolpaw’s name was spotted in the credits for Artifact, Valve’s freshly released card game, a fan contacted Gabe Newell asking for clarification. Valve News Network followed up with the fan a

What Remains of Edith Finch Will Be Free On The Epic Games Store

What Remains of Edith Finch will be the third free game offered to users of the Epic Games Store. Giant Sparrow’s narrative-driven adventure title will become available at no cost starting with January 10, when the currently ongoing offer to get Super Meat Boy for free expires. The Epic Games Store will give away one free

Diablo III's The Darkening Of Tristram Event Is Now Live

Blizzard is celebrating Diablo‘s anniversary with the Darkening of Tristram event, which has returned to Diablo III. Players will have noticed that some of Sanctuary’s cultists have started dropping clues, starting from a couple of days ago, that lead to a portal to Diablo’s past. That portal is now open and wi

LEGO DC Super Villains Justice League Story – How to Unlock

Done with playing the villains in LEGO DC Super Villains and want to play the heroes again? Well good news, there’s a special bonus LEGO DC Super Villains Justice League story for you to play as the entire Justice League in their own missions! But how do you get access to the bonus LEGO DC Super Villains Justice League st