Sorry Folks, Alien Blackout is a Mobile Game

There’s been new teases from Fox regarding Alien Blackout, so much we were expecting an Alien Isolation 2 reveal very soon – but now all hopes have been crushed, and Alien Blackout is real – but it’s a mobile game. We were certain that Alien Blackout would be revealed at the Game Awards last month but th

For Honor Matchmaking Not Ready – What Does It Mean?

For Honor is no stranger to various quirks and quibbles of technical nature, but one of the most pervasive errors that players have been coming across ever since the days of beta is the dreaded ‘Matchmaking not ready‘ error. For Honor matchmaking not ready is a problem that – for all intents and purposes ̵

Civilization VI Gathering Storm Reveals the Maori Civilization

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’s second officially confirmed new civ is the Maori, led by the legendary figure of Kupe, the original navigator, founder, and settler of New Zealand. Civilization VI Maori Civ is going to differ a fair bit from the previously-revealed Hungarian Civ in more ways than just superficial aesth

Assassin's Creed Odyssey – Legacy of the First Blade Chapter 2 Release Times Announced

Ubisoft has revealed the release times for Episode 2 of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Legacy of the First Blade. The second of third planned episodes launches on January 15 across all platforms. On Uplay and Nintendo Switch, Episode 2 will become available starting with 3AM PST / 6AM EST / 10AM UTC, while Steam users wi

Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 2-0x0000d00a – What Does it Mean?

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular PvP FPS titles on the market for a reason, but even with all the polish it’s been getting, problems do pop up from time to time. If you’ve been dealing with Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking problems, chances are that you’ve come across Error 2-0x0000d00a. Rainbow Six S

Watch 15 Minutes of Unedited RAGE 2 Demo Gameplay

RAGE 2 is coming out this May, but a great number of potential fans are still unsure what, exactly, this game is supposed to be. We know that it’s taking the series into open-world territory, but short of that and the fact that it’s pretty wild, the rest is still up in the air. A RAGE 2 gameplay demo has popped up o

Apex Legends Loading Screen – Why is Apex Legends stuck on loading?

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment entered the battle royale war yesterday with the reveal and subsequent release of their free-to-play title Apex Legends. Set in the Titanfall universe, albeit in a different corner of it where Titans aren’t anywhere to be seen, the game has benefited from a mostly smooth launch. As

You Can Play P.T. on PC in VR, Right Now

If you haven’t heard of P.T. it’s a short “playable teaser” of what should have been Hideo Kojima’s next game after Metal Gear Solid 5 – Silent Hills, the next game in the Silent Hill series. It was PS4 exclusive, and eventually was pulled from PSN altogether once the game was cancelled, but

Ring of Elysium Season 2 Map Revealed, With Not Much Snow in Sight

Ring of Elysium is gearing up for its second competitive season with a serial killer community event, but it’s worth noting that Tencent has something special in mind for round two of ROE’s survival-driven PvP. Ring of Elysium Season 2 is going to kick off with the release of a brand-new map – one that’s

Catherine PC Version Looking Likely to be Announced This Week

Atlus is set to make a “special announcement” regarding Catherine: Full Body on January 10, at 10 PM ET, Gematsu reports. “Urgent Notice: On January 11 (Friday) at 12:00 (noon), we will make an announcement we have been saving regarding Catherine: Full Body on this account (@stud_zero). Please look forward to i