Undertale Creator: It's "Actually Impossible" to Finish Undertale 2

Deltarune has been stealing the headlines since its curiously silent and stealthy release, but it’s still a bit unclear as to what it is and what its relation to Undertale – and by proxy Undertale 2 – exactly is. The one-man developer team behind Undertale, Toby Fox, has come out of the shadows to try and expl

Jurassic World Evolution Update 1.5 Adds A Day – Night Cycle

Jurassic World Evolution Update 1.5 is releasing soon and adds a lot of things the community has been asking for, including additions to Dinosaur Behaviours, along with giving players a Day/Night Cycle feature. There will also be additional paid for Jurassic World Evolution DLC coming soon, but we don’t currently know wha

Phantom Pain's Latest Update Doesn't Do Much, Other Than Break Mod …

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain has, in a surprising turn of events, just received a brand new title update, 114 MB in size. The new patch fixes right about nothing, but boy does it make playing the game problematic if you used mods. Metal Gear Solid 5 was originally released back in 2015, and though Konami did support the gam

Ring of Elysium Adventurer Pass Season 1

Ring of Elysium has just received its first major batch of cosmetics, as part of its initial season of Adventurer Pass, released as an ongoing seasonal event. Ring of Elysium Adventurer Pass Season 1 brings with it a number of cool additions for the more cosmetically-inclined among us, but its most prominent feature is the uniq

Netflix Showcase Henry Cavill as Geralt for The First Time, Triss C…

Netflix’s The Witcher has finally started taking shape if a recent report published by The Hollywood Reporter is anything to go by. Not only has Netflix released some promo materials for the show, but they’ve also let us know what all of the key castings are. While we’ve known for a while now that Freya Allan

Undertale Follow-up Has Been Stealthily Released – Deltarune

Deltarune is the new game made by the developer of the global phenomenon Undertale, and it is rather odd. Starting from its literally non-existent marketing campaign, all the way to its status as an Undertale follow-up, it’s hard to know just what to make of the thing, really. What we do know for a fact, however, is that

Resident Evil Remake 2: STARS Office Shown-off

Resident Evil 2 Remake is going to be undergoing certain changes compared to its 1998 original, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to remain true to its roots in other areas. In a recent article published by Famitsu, we’ve had the chance to see not only the classic costumes for Claire and Leon, but also a qu

Call of Cthulhu Safe Code – How to Unlock The Nameless Bookstore Safe

Call of Cthulhu is out now, and while it has some problems it’s still a worthy adventure-RPG with a fair number of cool puzzles. One of the hardest puzzles is the Nameless Bookstore safe – how do you get the Call of Cthulhu Safe Code? It’s a complicated process, but we show you the steps you’ll need to t

New Game From the Developers of Agony is Paranoid

Paranoid is the next project that the developers of Agony, Madmind Studio, are working on. While it makes for a sharp detour from their first – rather aggressive – take on a sort of biblical Hell, devs promise for it to be no less disturbing. Paranoid is set to feature an increased focus on melee combat, and a speci

Pillars of Eternity 2 Has Been a Sales Disaster

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire was supposed to be the CRPG of the year – nay – of the decade, and though our review of the game seems to agree on that as far as the quality of the content goes, problems are now abound for Obsidian, the unlucky developers of this fantastic game. According to sources, Pillars of Eter