Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Release Times – When will it be rele…

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is an upcoming XCOM-alike set in an odd, yet intriguing universe where anthropomorphised animals are essentially part-and-parcel. Oh, yes, they do murder each other too, can’t not mention that! Mutant Year Zero Release Times haven’t been known up until recently, when one of the develop

Swedish Developer Fall Damage Unveils Upcoming Online Turn-based Strategy Title Batalj

Swedish developer Fall Damage has let loose the first trailer for their upcoming title Batalj. An “online turn-based action strategy game”, Batalj features one-on-one battles with a twist: both players plan their combat actions simultaneously. After they’ve decided upon a strategy, the game moves into action ph

For Honor Matchmaking Penalty – What is the Quit Penalty in For Honor?

For Honor is a person-versus-person hack-and-slash and, as such, it is crucial for smooth gameplay for people not to be leaving matches left and right. One of the ways in which this is incentivised is the For Honor matchmaking penalty. What is the Quit Penalty in For Honor? – you might be asking, and the answer to that qu

Just Cause 4 Golden Gear Pack – What does it contain?

Just Cause 4’s release is ever-so-close now, coming early in December, and with how crazy this latest Just Cause is shaping up to be, it’s not particularly odd if you find yourself harkening for some golden guns to shoot stuff up with. Avalanche Studios, the developers of Just Cause 4, have prepared a special Just C

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Beyond the Baltic Sea Expansion Is Now Out

Euro Truck Simulator 2’s map just got bigger with the release of its latest expansion, Beyond the Baltic Sea. Virtual truckers can now look forward to over 13000 km of new in-game roads which stretch across Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Southern Finland, as well as Russian territories such as Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad

Milestone's Ride 3 Has Launched on PC and Consoles

After a brief delay, two-wheel racing title Ride 3 has finally launched on PC, Xbox One and PS4 today. Developer Milestone calls its latest effort “the ultimate motorbike encyclopedia” and for good reason. The title boasts a collection of more than 230 bikes spread across seven categories, including Maxi Enduro, Supe

Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Operation 3 Adds Photo Mode, New Maps and Classes Next Week

Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Special Operation 3 launches next week on all platforms. The third major update of Wildlands’ second year of post-launch content, it will be available on December 11. Special Operation 3 comes with a handful of addition, the first of which is Photo Mode. It behaves pr

Just Cause 4 DLC Content – Where to find DLC items and how to unloc…

Just Cause 4 is the latest entry in the series that’s got a storied history of downright insane DLC gadgets, such as golf carts with Flak cannons mounted on top: you know, the usual. This game is no exception, what with its weaponised wingsuits and whatnot. We’ve already covered certain other important aspects of ga

Ring of Elysium Patch Notes – 11.25.2018 Update Released

Ring of Elysium is getting its second post-European launch update not two days after its last one, and even though this one might seem less flashy at face value, it is a welcome improvement nonetheless. Its most prominent change is the laptop giveaway event extension, as well as a change to when the weekly challenges unlock. A

Mutant Year Zero shows off it's XCOM RPG Gameplay

Funcom has released a 20 minute video of Mutant Year Zero gameplay video, which shows off how Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden will mix the different gameplay styles of explorative RPG and XCOM-style squad combat. The game has a release date of December 4th and you can check out the gameplay video below, which shows Selma the hum