Rumored Batman Court of Owls Game Artwork Pulled

It’s been four years since Batman Arkham Knight and we’re well due for a new Batman Arkham game. A lot of rumours are swirling around Batman Arkham Origins creators WB Montreal, suggesting their new game is a Batman Court of Owls game out this year. Now there’s a further twist in the tale. Recently an artist c

Strategic Command WWII: World at War Trailer Reveals December Release Date

Strategic Command WWII: World at War now has a release date and it’s not that far off. A new trailer released today reveals that the top-down hex-based strategy title will make its way to PC on December 6. The latest entry in the Strategic Command franchise lets players take the role of either the Axis or the Allies and fi

InXile Entertainment Confirm Remaster of Original Wasteland

InXile Entertainment has confirmed that a remaster of the original Wasteland, released all the way back in 1988, is being worked on. It all started on Twitter, with a reminder that this year marks Wasteland’s 30th anniversary. When an user replied to the tweet expressing their hopes about a remake happening at some point,

Skyforge – Distant Frequencies Expansion Adds Guitar-wielding Soundweaver Class

Action MMO Skyforge gets a tad more musical this December with the release of its Distant Frequencies expansion. Distant Frequencies will add a new support class to Skyforge. The Soundweaver uses music as a tool to bolster allies and defeat opponents. “Raining down powerful sounds on their enemies, The Soundweaver sets up

The new Unreal Tournament "isn't actively developed" Anymore

When was the last time you heard about 2014’s Unreal Tournament? Probably not anytime recently and, as it turns out, there’s good reason for that. Speaking to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny, Variety asked about how Fortnite’s success may have affected the company’s older projects. He answered with the followin

Seasonal Winter Weekends Return to Runescape

Long-running MMORPG Runescape will see the return of its seasonal Winter Weekends, developer Jagex announced. Starting on November 30 and running until January 7, 2019, players will get a range of different benefits each weekend. The current Winter Weekend is themed around elite dungeons and dungeoneering. Until December 3, pla

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Patch Notes – Update 1.01 Released

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales has sadly not received as much attention as CD Projekt RED had hoped it would, but following its release on Steam, perhaps there’s time to alleviate that, too. In the meantime, developers have released the very first major title update for this marvellous – if non-standard – RP

Fortnite Devs Epic are Launching a Steam Competitor

Epic Games, makers of the worldwide phenomenon that is Fortnite and, no less importantly, Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4 game development kits, are getting ready to launch an Epic Games Steam Competitor that is going to be more developer-friendly. According to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, the main draw of the Epic Games Sto

Blizzard Management Thought Diablo 3 Was a Giant F— Up

Diablo III has had a more tragic history than one might first imagine. For starters, we are now learning that there was a second Diablo III expansion in the making, though cancelled, as well as a special standalone Dark Souls-inspired Diablo game, which was cancelled as well. Good news, though, as sources reveal that Diablo IV

CDPR Expecting Cyberpunk 2077 to shift 19 million units, will be as…

Cyberpunk 2077 is planned to sell no less than 19 million copies in its first quarter, according to brokerage firm Vestor DM, a company whose job it is to facilitate the buying and selling of financial securities. Better yet, they feel it is going to be as polished as Red Dead Redemption 2! Cyberpunk 2077’s developers, CD