Star Trek Bridge Crew The Next Generation launch trailer. PC version still some way off | PC Invasion

The PC version of the new Star Trek Bridge Crew expansion called The Next Generation is out today on PSVR but the PC version is still a way off. PC gamers won’t get their hands on it until 24 July for some reason. Despite the fact there’s still over a month until it arrives on the PC, a launch trailer has been released to satisfy the console crow

No Man’s Sky NEXT release date and full multiplayer coming | PC Invasion

There was such a fuss when No Man’s Sky released without full multiplayer and Hello Games’ Sean Murray took a lot of flack at the time. The good news is the team has finally got there after two years. The No Man’s Sky NEXT update will be dropping on Tuesday 25 July in the US and Friday 7th July in Europe for the PC. This update will finally bring

Co-op shooter Earthfall gets release date

Developer Holospark has announced their co-op shooter Earthfall will be launching on 13 July. Gamers who enjoy a bit of Left 4 Dead may want to check this out. Earthfall is a similar kind of game where four players will have to blast their way through hordes of aliens in the Pacific Northwest. Using team tactics and 3D printed weaponry, players w

Combat Air Patrol 2 update lands – Campaign mode in the works

Sim 155 have been busy working on the tasty looking Combat Air Patrol 2 and this a new patch has been released. This latest update adds new features and addresses a stack of bugs. Improvements made in the v812.1 patch includes animated cockpit controls, full control over the interior and exterior lighting, four HUD modes and more. There are also

Gruesome looking Horror game Agony getting procedural Agony Mode

Agony from Mad Mind Studios is out on 29 May promising some horrific looking gameplay. Today Mad Mind announced a new mode that will launch with the game called Agony Mode. This mode will bring procedurally generated chambers to test players’ survival skills and these chambers will be made from human bones or frosted ice chambers. How welcoming.

Steam Link App for Android released

Valve has now released the Steam Link App for Android devices. This new app allows gamers to stream their Steam games to their Android devices while connected to the same 5Ghz network or wired Ethernet as their Steam gaming computer. The beta is now available for everyone to try and it’s available now via the Google Play store. This is a beta ver

Space Hulk: Deathwing – Enhanced Edition free upgrade on PC today

Streum On Studio’s Space Hulk: Deathwing received a major free update today on PC which will turn it into the  Enhanced Edition which also releases on PS4  today. This updated version brings a few enhancements such as new class customisation on stuff like armour and weapon attachments which can be earned by playing, the Chaplain class, as well as

ARPG Last Epoch surpasses Kickstarter funding goal

Eleventh Hour Games has successfully concluded their Last Epoch Kickstarter funding run reaching a total of The time traveling ARPG will no go into full production mode and one of the stretch goals have already been reached which is controller support. The team is going to continue crowdfunding via their website until 24 may they hope to achieve

Sci-fi shooter Omnibion War inspired by mecha anime heading to PC

1C and developer Crazy Bullet Studio are bringing their on-rails shooter Omnibion War to Steam soon. In this blast-fest, players will take control of space jet than can also transform into a mech with the push of a button. Utilising the power of the jet and the mech, the Hellhounds have to be stopped from acquiring the Omnibion which is some sort

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 details revealed – Battle royale, zombies and more coming

Today’s live stream revealing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 finally showed what’s in store for this latest game in the series which is due for release this October. The game is set in a narrative world between Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 with grounded combat and tight gunplay in a tactical team experience. It’s 100% boots on the ground with no fancy t