Wasteland 3 will get "more resources" after Microsoft buyout

Wasteland 3 is not only coming, but it’s also being bolstered by none other than Microsoft, following their recent acquisition of InXile Entertainment. Keen readers will recall that Microsoft purchased Obsidian as well, which makes for a rather compelling RPG ensemble under their wing. Wasteland 3 Microsoft buyout seems l

Civilization VI: Vesuvius Suggest in Livestream Tease

UPDATE: Not only is the storm getting worse, with numerous tornadoes ravaging the city, but you can also spot a UFO doing a fly-over from time to time. There are sirens, too. A countdown then appeared, which is ticking down to 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 6 PM GMT. Curiously, the official website is referencing an image file called &

Mutant Year Zero PC Requirements Revealed

Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden is out in just two weeks time, and we’ve got the full Mutant Year Zero PC Requirements for the eagerly anticipated strategy-RPG from Funcom. The full Mutant Year Zero Minimum Specs and Recommend Specs are below for the game, which looks like an intriguing mix of Divinity: Original Sin and XC

WW1 FPS Tannenberg Primed and Ready to Come Out From Early Access

Tannenberg is a first-person shooter set in WW1, developed by the same people who’ve made Verdun, one of the first mainstream WW1 shooters ever released. Both titles feature primarily a focus on the authenticity and brutality of this major conflict. Tannenberg promises an experience that is similar, albeit different than

Fallout 76 Steam – Will Fallout 76 Release on Steam?

Fallout 76 is out this week on PC and consoles and it’s hugely anticipated, but on PC it’s only available using the temperamental Bethesda Launcher. Will there be a Fallout 76 Steam release? Bethesda have been a bit cagey on the subject, but we’ve gone through the evidence to see if will happen. Will Fallout 7

Warren Spector Was Once Working on a Command and Conquer RPG With EA

Command and Conquer may have received something like a new lease on life as of late, but during the long years that the franchise had been left to rot, lots of things happened. Such as, for example, a Command and Conquer cancelled RPG game! That’s not even the best part, mind. The best part is that it was supposed to be h

Skybound Games Continues Development Of The Walking Dead Alongside Former Telltale Employees

Skybound Games is “resuming development efforts” alongside many of the people who had previously worked on The Walking Dead: The Final Season, IGN reports. The remaining two episodes are said to arrive soon and will be available without any further payment to owners of the Season Pass. “It’s been a ton of work logistically and

Stellaris: MegaCorp Gets A December Release Date

Stellaris: MegaCorp, the latest expansion for Paradox Interactive’s sci-fi grand strategy title, now has a release date. The expansion is set to release on PC on December 6 and is currently available for pre-order on the Paradox Store. “MegaCorp has players taking the helm of a powerful corporate empire to develop a vast trade

ARK: Survival Evolved's Final DLC is Here, And it is Nuts

ARK: Survival Evolved has just received what the developers say is its final expansion pack: the aptly-titled Extinction. Extinction also makes for a final piece of the puzzle that was ARK’s storyline, bringing the survivors back to a corrupt and downtrodden version of Earth. Indeed, ARK: Extinction’s map is a fully

Tropico 6 Pre-Orders Now Open

Tropico 6 is well on its way to full release come January 2019, and starting today, you can place an official pre-order for the game on PC! Tropico 6 will not only be the biggest and most content-filled release in the series yet, but it will also include some fascinating new features we’ve not had the chance to enjoy yet,