Watch 15 Minutes of Unedited RAGE 2 Demo Gameplay

Watch 15 Minutes of RAGE 2 Demo Gameplay

RAGE 2 is coming out this May, but a great number of potential fans are still unsure what, exactly, this game is supposed to be. We know that it’s taking the series into open-world territory, but short of that and the fact that it’s pretty wild, the rest is still up in the air.

A RAGE 2 gameplay demo has popped up on Youtube just earlier today, showcasing a lengthy gameplay session which is partially narrated by developers themselves.

Watch 15 Minutes of RAGE 2 Demo Gameplay Watch 15 Minutes of RAGE 2 Demo Gameplay

15 minutes of RAGE 2 gameplay footage is by far the most substantial portion of dedicated RAGE 2 footage we’ve received so far, and it’s a real boon when it comes to explaining the how and why of core RAGE 2 gameplay.

Developers go into some detail on how the protagonist’s abilities will work in practice, as well as demonstrating a number of them. With that, we get a solid look at RAGE 2’s double-jump, air-dash, wingstick, grenades, firearms, enemies, and lots more. Vehicles come into play a while into the video as well, and developers confirm that RAGE 2 is definitely “an Avalanche game”.

RAGE 2 is set to release on 14th of May, 2019, meaning we won’t be waiting long now to give Bethesda’s next take on RAGE, though it may well not be coming to Steam at all this time around. For a better idea of what RAGE 2 is and what it isn’t, watch the 15-minute demo yourself, just below.



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