Rebellion will soon be releasing an Extreme Mode for Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade Extreme Mode, Photo Mode, New Maps Released

UPDATE NOVEMBER 26: Strange Brigade’s most substantial free content update is now out. It includes the Extreme difficulty mode for the tactically-inclined players, as well as a fully-fledged Photo mode for the particularly creative players to toy around with.

The update also introduces the Void Horde Mode map, and the Great Pyramid II and Afterlife II Score Attack levels. All of this is released at no additional charge for all players who’ve purchased the game!

Strange Brigade Extreme Mode, Photo Mode, New Maps Released Strange Brigade Extreme Mode, Photo Mode, New Maps Released

UPDATE NOVEMBER 21: Strange Brigade’s vicious new Extreme Difficulty mode now has a proper release date: it’s coming next Monday, on the 26th of November, and will make enemies more durable and more damaging, forcing you to think tactically and employ your environments to their fullest!

Coming alongside the Strange Brigade Extreme Difficulty Update is a fully-fledged Photo Mode for players to enjoy, as well as new Score Attack and Horde maps – all free of charge. Owners of the Season Pass, however, will also get the final chapter of The Thrice Damned mini-campaign.

ORIGINAL TEXT NOVEMBER 15: Strange Brigade has been getting an awful lot of post-launch support for an AA title, and Rebellion, the developers, are eager to keep chipping at their latest and greatest.

An upcoming Strange Brigade update is, according to sources, going to be focused in particular on bringing an entirely new difficulty to Strange Brigade, and is aptly titled for the job: Extreme Mode.

Strange Brigade Extreme Mode is a complete unknown, for all intents and purposes, but could make for an interesting change of pace compared to the majority of previous content updates that Strange Brigade has been receiving.

The latest DLC, for example, added more weapons, and a new character, though it did little to break up the pace of the game when all is said and done. A completely new kind of difficulty, however, could be just what Strange Brigade veterans might need to breathe a new life into their favourite mummy-slaying video game.

More details on Extreme Mode difficulty for Strange Brigade are pending, according to the official Twitter account, but be sure to check the game out on Steam if you haven’t done so yet.



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