Tropico 6 Beta Giveaway! Win a Copy of the Tropico 6 Beta!

Tropico 6 will be out in January, the long-awaited return of the slightly dictatorial strategy-sim series from Kalypso. However, you can try the game out right now with the Tropico 6 beta, and we have a giveaway for you to get your hands on a code!

Simply head below and you’ll be able to enter our competition to win one of 10 codes for the Tropico 6 beta – so you can try the game out early, for free! Normally you’d have to pre-order the game in order to get hold a beta key, but with our help you can try before you buy!

Tropico 6 Beta Giveaway! Win a Copy of the Tropico 6 Beta! Tropico 6 Beta Giveaway! Win a Copy of the Tropico 6 Beta!

Tropico 6 is the long-awaiting sixth game in the popular management series, where you have to lead your island nation to economic success, through fair means or foul. Will you be a vicious dictator, stomping on the people’s protests and ruling through military might? Or will you be a benevolent leader, listening to your people’s needs and providing for them? It’s up to you.

You can enter the competition below. You have just 4 days to enter, and we’ll announce the winners on Friday November 30th.

Rather than settle for a single entry, however, you’re free to enter multiple times depending on how many of our conditions you’re willing to meet. Depending on how you’ve found this post, you may already be eligible to claim more than a single entry. If you’re still wanting more, simply follow the instructions of each to boost your chances of nabbing a code once the deadline rolls around.

Liking and following us on various social media sites would be the easiest way, but we’ll leave the execution up to your own discretion. Thanks to Kalypso Media Digital for providing the codes, and the game of course! And if you want to pre-order Tropico 6, you can do that right here.

Tropico 6 Beta Key Giveaway


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