Epic Games Store Paid for Exclusives With "Revenue Guarantees"

Epic Games Store is the latest moneymaker for Fortnite developers Epic Games, and they are dedicated to making it work. Of course, it only makes sense for them to go all-in with the Epic Games Store endeavour, and Tim Sweeney, one of the founders of the company, has recently offered his take on what’s what.

Epic Games Store revenue guarantees were apparently used to entice developers into offering their repertoire of upcoming games as Epic Store exclusives, so that the store itself had any hope of going against the grain – so to say.

Epic Store exclusive releases were touched upon by the founder of Epic Games himself, Tim Sweeney, in a recent Reddit post discussing the matter of Epic Games Store supposedly containing spyware (courtesy of Tencent). Sweeney chimed in speaking on whether Epic Store was anti-consumer or not.

“These exclusives don’t come to stores for free,” he said. “They’re a result of some combination of marketing commitments, development funding, or revenue guarantees. This all helps developers.” Now we know for sure how it was that Epic landed as many exclusives as they have, working to overturn the market share that Steam has had for so long.

Sweeney wrapped his comment up with an interesting thought: “If you want way better games to be built in the future, then please recognize what good this store can do. Steam takes 30% and Epic takes 12%. That’s an 18% difference, and most devs make WAY less than an 18% profit margin – so this can be the difference between being able to fund a new game and going bankrupt!”

Is this good enough of a justification for the end user, however? Let us know what you think down below.


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