Wasteland 3 will get "more resources" after Microsoft buyout

Wasteland 3 is not only coming, but it’s also being bolstered by none other than Microsoft, following their recent acquisition of InXile Entertainment. Keen readers will recall that Microsoft purchased Obsidian as well, which makes for a rather compelling RPG ensemble under their wing.

Wasteland 3 Microsoft buyout seems like a very good deal for InXile so far, according to Brian Fargo, who has offered his thoughts on the matter in a recent interview.

Speaking with Eurogamer on the matter of Wasteland 3 development being crowdfunded, Brian Fargo said that, in the end, very little has changed aside from the fact that InXile no longer has to worry about money quite as much as they did before: “People are naturally sceptical but we keep our same email addresses, we keep our same medical plans, we keep our same 401k. It’s almost like if my guys didn’t know we were bought, they wouldn’t even realise.”

Fargo was also keen to note that not only will Wasteland 3 still release on PlayStation 4, but that The Bard’s Tale 4 will also come out on Sony’s device, as per the initial plans, which means that Microsoft aren’t quite as possessive as one might’ve expected.

“One of the reasons why Microsoft liked us is we do a pretty good job of punching above our weight,” said Fargo. “Use Bard’s Tale 4 as an example: you had a 50-hour game, 350 speaking parts, 100 minutes of music – I did that with a 35-person team. That’s pretty unheard of.”

Finally, Fargo believes that InXile will no longer use crowdfunding after Wasteland 3 is out, and has confirmed that they’ve got a special unannounced project that Microsoft are very interested in.

In the end, only time will tell how good InXile truly can get when they’ve got all the finances they need. Here’s hoping.



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