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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 COD Points – Here's all the ways you can get more points

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has brought with it an abundance of new features, options, and gameplay, and it’s no wonder that some of it relates to currency, given the game’s multiplayer-oriented nature. In particular, here we’ll be taking a look at CoD Points, explaining in short terms what they do, what they ca

LEGO DC Super Villains PC Graphics Options Revealed

LEGO DC Super Villains is out now on Steam worldwide, despite the official UK release being this Friday. We’ve checked out all the LEGO DC Super Villains PC Graphics Options and video settings in the game, so you know what to expect. LEGO games generally look surprising great on PC, with loads of detail and fun effects, b

Fallout: New Vegas 2 Not Likely to Happen, says Obsidian

Fallout: New Vegas may never get the successor it so obviously deserves. This is not new information by any stretch, but each new confirmation of it pains us greatly. This latest ‘no’ has swooped in on the back of recent rumours that Obsidian Entertainment have been acquired by Microsoft. With lots of speculation on

Cities: Skylines Industries DLC has been Released

Cities: Skylines has just received its latest and greatest DLC – the Industries expansion pack. Billed as one of the most in-depth expansions in the game’s history, Industries gives Cities: Skylines’ industrial mechanics a massive overhaul, expanding on its core gameplay in virtually every area. Cities: Skylin

Battalion 1944 Developer Working on Project for Square Enix

Battalion 1944 developers have received a new gig from Square Enix, it would seem. The team behind the multiplayer WWII shooter is now working on something brand new and unannounced, according to reports. An extension of Bulkhead Interactive’s contract with Square Enix has granted them a secretive new project to develop a

Run for Your Life in Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: Anabasis

Update, 18th of October 2018: Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: Anabasis has now officially been released. All that’s left for you to do is hold onto your pantaloons and run for your life in the most significant expansion for Deadlock yet. After a strike force dedicated to fighting off the Cyclon onslaught on a distant minin

Get Football Manager 2019 for Just £23.25 / €32.87 / $32.40

The latest game in the long-running management series, Football Manager 2019 is out next month, and with our help you can pre-order it for a highly competitive. You can get this Football Manager 2019 best price below – for the ridiculous cost of just £8.56 / €9.76 / $11.16. To get the Football Manager 2019 best pre-order

Swords and Soldiers 2 Coming to PC This November

Swords and Soldiers 2: Shawarmageddon is the title of Ronimo Games’ upcoming sequel to the lovely 2D side-scrolling RTS Swords and Soldiers. Originally released on Nintendo WiiU in 2015, the new-and-improved version of the game is set to come out on Steam this November. The key addition to this re-release of Swords and So

Planet Coaster Patch Notes – Update 1.8.2

Planet Coaster has enjoyed a never-ending stream of love from both the developers and players, from the game’s early access launch all the way to now, with the first proper paid expansions finally adding plenty of new quality content and a steady influx of mods making up anything that Frontier Developments can’t ha

LEGO DC Super Villains Red Bricks Guide – Where to Find Them All

LEGO DC Super Villains is out now and there’s a lot of hidden items and characters scattered about the game to find. But the most fun items to find are the LEGO DC Super Villains Red Bricks. We’re here to show you how to find the Red Bricks across LEGO DC Super Villains all levels quickly, easily, and with no troub